zipTimer 1.0

Simple aviation flight timer


  • Large button sizes
  • Night mode
  • One minute countdown button


  • Doesn't display to the hundredth of a second


Having grown up on almost-weekly viewings of Top Gun, I'd always dreamed about being pilot. Unfortunately, I never made the grade owing to my extreme fear of flying.

If I had become captain of an aircraft then I'm sure I would probably have given this Pocket PC app a go, because it promises to help you easily time your approaches, holds or any other situation that needs to be timed.

Its functions and capabilities allow you to specify the time of the initial countdown, start, stop and restart at any time. You can even adjust the contrast of the screen or run a one-minute countdown just pressed a button.

Luckily, the large size of the buttons makes it easy to control the timer while you work, with your finger. I've not tried it with gloves on though, so maybe it's difficult to press the right key if you're wearing them.

Do pilots wear gloves? I don't know. Anyway, it's a nice feature.

If you're an airline pilot then you should find this program pretty useful for timing manoeuvers, and even if you're not it's good for boiling eggs.

zipTimer is a simple aviation flight timer that can be used to time your approaches, holds, or any other situation that requires timing. The program includes large Buttons for one-hand operation.

There's also a Night Mode that changes the color of the software so it won't disrupt your night vision! The program's One Minute Countdown button - allows for quick one minute countdowns during holds or when at home and boiling an egg.



zipTimer 1.0

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